Aussie Tradies are Time Poor

Most Australian tradespeople don’t get involved in their own business in order to have the pleasure of owning an 80 hour a week job. In reality though that’s what many of them end up with. Extremely long days, doing the job of six different people, often earning less than their employees. We’ve all been there, on a job having been let down by some useless casual employee who only turns up for work when he needs beer money trying to get something done so we can bill a client and earn some money to pay the bills, and the job is taking ten times as long as it needs to because the phone rings every five minutes.

Of course there are ways to fix that problem. Spend thousands of dollars a month on full time admin staff and an office set up, that would sort it. You’d also find yourself working even harder to pay for that.

Then there’s the fact that you’d have to waste days on end training the staff member to handle your calls. What about some of these issues, have you considered all the angles?

Where do you find that time to train them up?

What happens if you spend 3 months finally getting them up to speed and they move on to something else?

Do you really have enough work to sustain someone full time in the office?

You don’t want to be paying people your hard earned money to sit around and file their nails!

Have you even got an office space?

Is your wages budget big enough to cover someone who is going to have the skill set you really need or are you going to be forced to compromise?

Quotenamic was designed to solve these problems, to take a lot of that admin overhead away from our clients, do it for a fraction of the costs of doing it in house and have a fully trained team in place to deal with the specific needs of Australian tradies.

The system was designed by tradies, for tradies and it works.

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