Outsourcing options: What could your business be doing smarter?

Think about a typical work day. Especially if you’re a sole trader, it’s likely to be a pretty varied experience. You probably spend a fair amount of time communicating with existing and prospective customers. Invest some time in your social media and online marketing. Perhaps a little bit of lead gen? Answer a whole lot of phone calls (most of which were probably a waste of time).

Then there’s the accounts, maybe you use Xero or something similar to reconcile your accounts so you’re most probably spending at least a few hours a week keeping that lot up to date so that, come end of year, it’s not a total nightmare for you (or your accountant). The things I’ve just described are common across almost every business. The vast majority of them are, while extremely important tasks, not directly related to actually operating the business that you’re in.

You haven’t completed any client work, you haven’t gone out and done any face-to-face meetings or networking. You’ve spent hours and hours of your day attached to either a keyboard or a telephone and you haven’t actually made any money.

This is the problem with small business. It can be very lonely. It can also feel overwhelming. The learning curves that business people have to go on with regards to technology, compliance and accounting can be very steep. It’s a real catch-22 situation, in order to hire people to take care of a lot of this stuff on your behalf, you need the cash. In order to make the cash, you’ve got to do things that are profitable. Escaping the time suck unless you’ve got a lot of capital behind you can be extremely difficult.

While the technological advances of the last couple of decades have come with big learning curves and an overwhelming array of options, they have also brought with them opportunity to reduce the costs of getting things done. It’s one of the major things that drove us to form Quotenamic. A journey that both of the partners had been on themselves. The journey to cost effective outsourcing and freeing their time up to focus on growing their business, as opposed to spending all day mired down in the muck of admin and repetition that is the majority of a typical business day.

We did it the hard way, the expensive way and the frustrating way. It was years and years of trial and error before we got the mix right. These days we don’t worry about most of the small “busy work” that used to take us away from doing the fun stuff. It’s all taken care of for us. It is our belief that any business can benefit from outsourcing tasks like these and see an immediate improvement in business performance. Once you find yourself free of the distractions you can spend more time on making money and, as a result, our services pay for themselves.

Here are a couple of examples of businesses that we work with:

  • Hairdressers: By outsourcing phone calls to us they can spend more time focusing on clients. With our follow up calls the day before the appointment they greatly reduce the number of no-shows as well. We have also set up automated booking systems for their websites so they can have their bookings diary managed on auto pilot.
  • Tradesmen: By outsourcing their phone calls to us they don’t have the problem of their mobile phone ringing while they’re on the road, or on the job. For those engaged in business to business work or looking for contracting opportunities our lead generation and outreach services get everything lined up for them. Our team also helps them source and order materials.
  • Financial services: For service providers operating as financial consultants, insurance brokers or dealing with superannuation it can be a full time job following up on the proposals you’ve already got out there, let alone reaching out to your existing database to see if you can offer them an up-sell or additional products. This is where our scheduled follow up services come in.
  • Real estate agents: Over the course of the life of a property sale a lot of people tend to express interest. When it comes time for the auction there can be a lot of calls to make to get people locked in. Additionally directly and personally following up with attendees after an open home can result in a faster sale. For rental agents, communicating with tenants to arrange inspections or viewings during business hours can be a real task. This is again where our outbound services come in to their own.

These are just a few examples of the many businesses that we work with every single day to decrease their work load, increase their revenue and drive growth. How much do we charge them? How long is a piece of string. We have clients that spend thousands of dollars a month with us for dedicated teams and we have clients who pay us as little as $99 a month to make sure their quotes are followed up on in a timely manner. One thing that Quotenamic is: Extremely flexible. We’ve already been through all the heartache and ups and downs of putting an effective outsourcing operation in place and we’re always happy to work with our clients to make sure their needs are met.




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