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Hi, I'm Adam Martelletti. I have been helping tradies grow their business through outsourcing to the Philippines and Process Automation.

Outsourcing and Automation is nothing new, But it is to a trade based business. Over the last 5 years I have been developing a system within my own trade business to automate the whole internal process from quote, follow ups, invoicing and organising jobs and the guys on the field. Which has free up time to concentrate on helping other tradies do the same.

Tradies Just Like You Come To Me All The Time For A Number Of Reasons.

  • Want to know how to still run your business without the phone ringing in your pocket every 25 minute while you trying to get the job done, on the road or with a client.
  • Want to get home and not worry about doing quotes, paperwork and all the other boring stuff.
  • Want admin staff without the huge financial overhead.
  • Be free from the 60+ hours a week work trap.
  • Plus much more…..

Does any of that sound like you? Don’t worry, I feel your pain! I was in the same spot a few years back with my earthmoving business I knew what I needed, I just didn’t know where to start.

Let’s quickly start with what we are not!

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    We are not an SEO company.
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    We do not guarantee you number 1 on Google.
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    We are not going to turning your business into a multi million dollar company off some Facebook ads. 
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    We won’t sell you a workshop to tell you how to do all of that.
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    We won’t give you 12 month training plan that will double, triple or quadruple your income.

So what do we do then?

First of all we tell you straight and how it is with all the rubbish to the side. Then we help you streamline your business with a virtual assistant to help you grow your business, free up time so you can spend it on your business, family or hobbies without losing money or working 60+ hours a week.

We have a complete all in virtual assistant package which includes the below plus much much more….

Business Admin

You will now have someone to do all the paper work that needs to be done, what ever task it maybe you can now spend your time enjoy yourself and now doing admin work

Phone Service

You will get your own dedicated local landline number which will go on all your online/offline advertising, email signature, letter heads, business cards and wherever else it needs to be so you don't need to worry about your phone ringing all the time.

Inbound Calls

We will answer all your inbound calls, just like having your own receptionist in an office no more

  • Missed Calls
  • Finding piece of paper
  • Annoying Telemarketers
  • Fines & Demerit Points
  • Call in the middle of a job
  • Poor Bluetooth Connection

Outbound Calls

Do you have time to make calls while your busy working or you get home late and you feel it's to late to call or the place is closed? Why not have these calls handled for you.

  • Follow up on your quotes
  • Follow up on over due invoices
  • calling clients after the asking for feedback, online reviews or referrals
  • Something unexpected happened on site and you need to source materials or a contractor?

Material Sourcing

Looking for the cheapest materials, new suppliers, information on a product or service, did something break and you need to buy new tools. Don’t try do it from your phone on site or when you get home after the job. We will search the web, call around and find you the best and cost effective product or service and put it into a summary for you to look over so you can make the decision from there.

Internal Processes

We will help build configured and manage internal process through online tools like Calendar, Doc, CRM’s to streamline your business..


Need to update your site, Need a new one, or don’t have one at all? We can take care of that all as part of your package and anything else to do with it. Hosting, domain name registration, and keeping it all secure.


Need a new logo, business cards, letter heads or something else? We can help out there too. We will source what you need at cost because that part of our service to you and what your personal assistant is here to do.

Lead Generation & Marketing

But you said you’re not an SEO, adword, facebook marketing company….. Yes I know that's right we are not but we do know what we are doing. We are not going to force you to do anything but if you want to do any of this, we can help for sure.

I would recommend leveraging you assistant to do the following.


Take control of your Facebook page, update job photos, awards, specials, running effective organic campaigns, join and look through Facebook groups for work, run paid Facebook advertising campaigns within your prescribed advertising budget.

LinkedIn Outreach

Connect and reach out to businesses and people on linkedin, get them to the point of engagement, ready to talk to you on the phone about potential work.

Cold E-Mail

Send email to companies, We will help write the script and do the reach out for you.

Local SEO

Working closely on your local Google profile to make sure that your business is appearing organically in the maps results at the top of the page as often as possible.

Plus much more

And anything else you may use. Other social media platforms, online directories, gumtree, Tender research etc….

Where are you located?

Offices in Perth, Australia & New Zealand

Cebu, Philippines is the heart of the operation.

Why Cebu?

Cebu is home to the best outsourcing centres of some of the best known companies on the planet. It has some of the highest levels of English in the Philippines, All of our staff are university educated and fully proficient in the use of both written and spoken business English.

Why Us?

Adam (that’s me), based in Perth, Australia and Damon (from Melbourne) on the ground in Cebu in the Philippines looking after the team.
Unlike the majority of outsourcing companies operating in the Philippines, we take a very different approach. You don’t need to spend hour after hour, training or communicating with your team, Why? Because you simply don’t have the time and money to do that. We already know and understand Trades and the outsourcing industry. We already spent our money doing the trial and error got ripped off left right and center on the way, We have perfected a system that works. 

Adam (that’s me), based in Perth, Australia 

I practice what I preach, so you know it's the real deal.

With me still running an Earthmoving and Demolition company in Perth with very little to no involvement, the admin team in the Philippines organising the guys on the ground, booking jobs, subcontractors, quotes, ordering materials, invoicing, chasing up late payment, managing our social accounts and websites, creating brand awareness and doing cold out reach to find more work.