Timewasters are money wasters – here’s how I got rid of them

Every single time I do a site visit to quote on a job I lose an average of three hours of my day. By the time I drive across town, find the place, assess the job and then drive all the way back to my office to put the quote together and send it out it’s often more than that.


The number of times that I used to go through all that on an average week I estimated that it was costing me, in lost business, gas and other resources, north of $1000 a week. Considering that most of these quotes are the same or very similar I figured there had to be a better way.


Let’s take a lawn removal job as an example. There’s not much to pulling out a someone’s lawn. I need to know where on the property it is so I know what machinery might be required when it comes to tight access and I need the dimensions. 95% of lawn removal jobs want to go 100 mils or so down. One thing I don’t need is a site visit, I don’t even need to give the clients a call, I realized that all of this could be fully automated with a simple online form.


When I actually put my thinking cap on, I realized that this applies to almost everything I do. I put together a crack team and they started the development process. My prospects are now automatically quoted, 24 hours a day, with a professional, personalised quote – I get a copy, as does the team at Quotenamic.


24 hours later Quotenamic follows up with the client. They ask how they felt about the quote and 9 times out of ten put the job in my calendar then and there! The first I know about it is when I get notified that the job is booked in. If the prospect says that they don’t want to go ahead, the team drill down to find out why. If it is a matter of going with someone else they ask why, this enables me to win more business in the future by keeping an eye on what my competitors are up to.


When I complete the job I just let the Quotenamic guys know and they go ahead and issue the invoice. Then they call the client to check if they were happy with the work, encourage them to leave us an online review and ask about referrals. Often 100% of my interactions with my clients relate to doing the work – no more wasted time.


This is how this restructuring of the back end of my business has changed my business:


  • 100% of my prospects receive quotes, often immediately, being first to the party helps me win out over competitors who can often take days to quote (especially if they need to go on site to do it).
  • 100% of my quotes get proactively followed up on by a professional, well trained and trustworthy team.
  • I now have more time in my week to take on more business, with no more timewasters I’m making a lot more money.
  • I’m getting referrals from clients which I would not be getting otherwise.
  • I’m getting more and more online reviews which helps me win even more business.


When I think back to the days of driving around town, handsfree on the phone, wasting my time on quotes and answering calls I don’t recognize myself. My phone doesn’t ring that much anymore, all my business calls are taken care of by Quotenamic. If my phone goes it’s usually a mate or a family member. My business is basically on auto pilot, I’m saving money and generating more work than ever before.

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